22.08.1862 22.08.1997 #00

Clause Debussy, born on 22nd August 1862, is one of the influential composers who pushed boundaries of conventional classic music. 

 The artist reconstructed his life when he was working on making a song “Lar Mer” (i.e. The Sea), which he composed based on his memory and imagination of ocean. (He used Hokusai’s Ukiyoe print “ The Great Wave off Kanagawa" for the cover of his musical note.) He, indeed, wrote the song in Burgundy which is far away from sea. 

 To bring him back alive in present,  she collected letters he wrote, pictures, and even books about his personal life as reference. Seen through a point of view which seems to belong to dead Debussy, the film unrolls the uncanny documentary of his life.

 In the process of making this film, she felt being amnesia but oddly enough, she found what she really is and Claude Debussy was just a fictional character.

 © 2019 by Asako Ujita

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