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The Flat Tropics Collection

An online archive which displays objects used in a video work “The Flat Tropics”.

Unlike a conventional style, the editors are the objects themselves and introduce what they are. 

A replica of a horse curved in plaster, a souvenir which the artist’s mother brought from Indonesia, and even screenshots of email box and Amazon start to unveil themselves “I, being, nonhuman, with pretensions to written humor, citizen of the world………” and give viewers a exploration with digital functions. The texts are, in fact, quotes from Fernando Pessoa or based on his verse, which blurs subject who owns the speech.

Whilst the accuracy of their appearance and the reveal of their details follow mise-en-scene-tradition, what the animated objects write is rather repetitive and incoherent, making the contradictory between the preciseness and absurdity in the digital archive.

The form of curiosity and collection, which has shifted onto a digital platform, the the digital archive questions the notion of pleasure within technology.

Flat Tropics archive.png
Flat Tropics archive 2.png
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