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R(14+_1)4 VICTORIA THEATRE, opera

 An opera written by the artist for an abandoned theatre in Manchester, UK. 

 She was fascinated at the architecture and its relationship with us as it used to be a place where our dream was projected in reality but it has become devastated and eerie.

                                          on a stand which she used debris collected from the site to make notes by drawing contour of the elements.  (inspired by John Cage’s Ryoanji), if it is played, the dissonance would tell what the building itself has witnessed since it opened its door to public as if it is a song of diary.

 A spotlight is on and the score is set, the stage wait for a performer who never come.


 Whereas this is a future plan in which a part of the composing process is based on the artists' imagination, once it is installed in a site, it haunts viewers, and turns even a white space uncanny. 

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