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R(14+_1)4 VICTORIA THEATRE, scores

Musical scores for five instruments written by the artist for an abandoned theatre in Manchester, UK. 

 She was fascinated at the architecture and its relationship with us as it used to be a place where our dream was projected in reality but it has become devastated and eerie.

Inspired by John Cage’s Ryoanji*,  the artist she used debris collected from the site to make notes by drawing contour of the elements on a paper.

By tracing the outlines of the strata-like fragments, that opens up a threshold for the ruined architecture to reincarnate and tell story about what it has witnessed since it opened its door to public as if it is a song of dairy. -Mistakes during theatre plays, whisperings by audience etc....

 As it is printed on transparent acrylics, the scores changes its face depends on where it is put which blurs a line of background and representation.

 This is a future plan in which a part of the composing process is based on the artists' imagination.

* Cage used Chinese I Ching for decision making such as keys, duration, or composition and drew outlines of rocks collected from rivers on paper. ​ Ryoanji is a temple in Kyoto, Japan, known for its unique Zen Garden. At the garden, there are fifteen rocks (a number of enlightenment in Zen Buddhism) arranged deliberately making only fourteen visible and one missing no matter from which you see it. The garden never visually be completed.

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