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MARA ​(digital, 00:21:40)

On the outskirts of London, a reserved 30 year-old carer named Annie works in a retirement home as peculiar events start to unfold in the early hours of the morning - the 77 year-old Mara leaves a mystery in the wake of her passing, told through her relics.

Annie finds herself in a Chinese diner where the mystery comes to light when a strange woman appears. Loss and estrangement entangle two lives as the woman reveals a traumatic past and shares a haunting story about parasites. 

Written and directed by Asako Ujita 

Produced by Diana Amado and Nathalie Dakova

​Commissioned by Tour de Moon, as a part of Unbox: Creativity in UK

MARA still 2l.00_01_14_05.Still002.jpg

​Password upon request. Please email.

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