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Asako Ujita (1997, Osaka, Japan) is an artist/filmmaker based in London. In her practice, she is interested in exploring history and working with the archival - from news, found footage, to informal recordings such as dairies and letters.

Beneath the layers of calm and dream-like tone of her films, these narratives of the past weave into current socio-political issues such as post-colonialism, ecology, gender, and identity. She considers this stitching of time a reconstruction of myth, evoking psychological experiences of collective memory, trauma and imagination in the present. Her work often deals with ordinary families and disappearing communities, opening the avenues for feminist language in storytelling. She utilises the mediums and combined the forms of 16mm, digital film, archival footage, and CGI.

Her recent short film "MARA" was commissioned by the Tour de Moon as a part of 

UNBOXED; Creativity in the UK. Her work has been exhibited and screened internationally, including Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival 2022 Scotland, Tour de Moon Festival 2022 UK nationwide, Regeneration at Barbican Centre 2021 London, and Speculative Future; Climate Crisis at Horniman Museum and Gardens, 2020 London. 

​Full CV available here

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