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The Bridge of Dreams

A story unfolds through my grandmother’s memory. In silence she reads her diary ——  peculiar experiences, suffering of insomnia, and a day of when she found her childhood journal written before WWll together with a tore page of Rimbaud’s verse. Incoherent tones of voice in the diary, stories we may have heard of elsewhere, and objective reflection on her own past ........ 
The other screen is a reconstruction of her childhood based on the diary and pictures she keeps which is seen through her point of view. Although a place in which this film was set is not the same as where she had actually been but somewhere looks similar, silhouettes of industrial architecture as well as airplanes rise in sunset across canal remind us of a nostalgic suburb-cityscape. Yet an uncanny relation of the two different time/space undermines the division between what she has seen in the past and her storytelling in the present.

A disoriented relation between audio and visual as well as subtle shifts in her vein, wrinkles, and breath slowly unveil what is decaying of life, family, pleasure, memory, and infuse fictional narratives into reality.

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