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Tokyo Story 

at Climate Crisis: Speculative Futures, The Horniman Museum and Gardens

A speculative reconstruction of past and a film screening of The Bridge of Dreams installed at the Asian section of The World Gallery in The Horniman Museum and Gardens; Vanishing childhood memory conjured up by the texture of Japanese tatami mattress, the pungent odour of petrol from exhausted car pipes which reminds one of sunset on a road trip, and polywooden Modernist-like furniture which brings one back to a snug living room. 

Nostalgic experiences simultaneously and unchronologically occur within a square-formatted space, creating intersected dimensions and making one’s recalling uncertain and ambivalent. Frozen past gets infused into present yet what is here is all fiction. 

The domestic and industrial relics of childhood and youth as well as tribal objects from the Museum’s socio-cultural collection temporality inhabit in the same space whilst ceaselessly relating to and contradicting one another. Collective memory, objects and experience remain undetermined but instead turn them transformative and intermediate.


Bibliography is a part of the installation-

Illumination by Arthur Rimbaud

Hiroshima, Mon Amour by Marguerite Duras 

A diary used in The Bridge of Dreams

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